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Vigne di Bellavista
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Vigne di Bellavista

Erbusco, Brescia

Landascape garden

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The story of the TERRA MORETTI group started here, on the Bellavista hill. In 1977 Vittorio Moretti fixed his gaze on Franciacorta, a hidden region waiting to be discovered. He dreamt of making excellent wine for himself and his friends and to make the surrounding landscape even more alluring. He learnt from the best and found that Franciacorta, with its morainic amphitheater surrounding Lake Iseo, was an ideal area for producing “bubblies”. And so, from that day on, Bellavista has composed its harmonies with the utmost respect of nature. Recovering ancestral winemaking methods, it presents itself to the enological world as a pioneer. Tradition in movement that does not preclude innovation, but without doing violence to traditional values. The ambitious goal has never changed: bringing the apex of Italian elegance into the glass.

A “bella vista” over Franciacorta in enological terms translates into a determined search for the best vineyards, those that soak up the first rays of the sun and are constantly caressed by the touch of the freshest breezes. Altitude also counts, and the age of the vines, which grow perfectly healthy and long-lived in Bellavista, but the thing that counts the most is the hand of man. From the vineyard to the wine cellar, everything is tended to as only knowing hands can. The total surface area under vines, 206 hectares of extraordinary biodiversity, is parceled into 147 vineyards, which are in turn subdivided into 224 micro-plots. The selection applied in the vineyards is exalted in the wine cellar, where each harvest produces at least 120 wine variations and where at least 35% of the base wines are aged in small white oak barrels. A rare method nowadays, that few wine cellars anywhere still use. The Franciacorta Alma Gran Cuvée, the winery's signature wine, is a rare composition, created starting with 140 base wines, 20 of which taken from historic vintages aged in large oak.

Bellavista is part of Terra Moretti, a family of companies founded by Vittorio Moretti and led by his daughter Francesca Moretti, who has instituted a process of “greening” of all the estates, with integrated strategies of natural protection and innovative practices in the area of environmental sustainability.

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