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Events and initiatives in the most important historical park of the Province of Trento

With its thirteen hectares of parkland and around 570 majestic trees, Levico Spa Park is the most important historic park in the province of Trento. Its history dates back to the end of the 19th century and is closely linked to the establishment of Lévico Terme as a spa town of European standing.

The project drawn up by the German landscape gardener Georg Ziehl (1873 - 1953) transformed an area of countryside where a large hotel was sited, together with its accompanying treatment centres, into an extensive parkland site enhanced by a range of tree species; a Kurort combing spa treatments with walks, heliotherapy and relaxation.

In the summer the Levico SpA Park is animated by several events and initiatives to discover the beauty of the botanical garden.

Let's discover the Live the Park new edition together.
Botanical Visit to the Park
To admire its charming botanical heritage every Tuesday, from 25 June to 10 September, it is possible to participate for free in the botanical visit by Nicola Curzel, APPA - Technical sector for environmental protection .. The proposed itinerary offers the opportunity to admire and learn about the main trees in the park.

25 June
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July
6, 13, 20, 27 August
3 and 10 September

Useful information
Meeting at 4.00 pm at the main entrance of the park, Viale Rovigo
Registration at the APT offices Valsugana tel. 0461 727700, by 12.30 on the day of the activity
In case of bad weather the activity is canceled
Smile & Play activity
The Appartamenti Valsugana Association organizes a daily program aimed at children and teenagers from 6 years to 14 years with outdoor activities in the park.

Tuesday afternoon is dedicated to adults.

For detailed information on the program:
Guido Degasperi: T. 335 7809176 - Mob. 345 5129102

GRAINES Photo Exhibition
The inspiration for the Graines Photo exhibition is given by the homonymous book published by 5 Continents Editions in 2016.
The volume contains 200 photographs of seeds made by Paul Starosta, biologist and photographer of international renown. Such images become an inevitable pretext to talk about beauty, nature and art. Shapes, colors, unexpected details become the occasion to reflect on nature's creativity, to be amazed by the complexity of the infinitely small and the secrets linked to biodiversity.
The seeds, embryos of new life, celebrate the rebirth in the place of the park that was most damaged by the hurricane at the end of October 2018, whose lost identity is remembered in a panoramic photograph.

Outdoors in the natural amphitheater of the park, east area.
Forte Pura Salubre ACQUA
At the Villa Paradiso inside the Park it is possible to visit the exhibition Forte Pura Salubre ACQUA on thermal tourism in the Alps and in Levico between the 19th and 20th centuries in collaboration with the Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino and the Biblioteca Comunale di Levico Terme
The sources of mineral water have constituted and continue to represent an important natural resource of the Alpine territory. Numerous locations have known a significant urban, socio-economic and socio-cultural transformation due to the constant increase of the tourist flow.

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday: 10.00-13.00 / 14.00-19.00
Wednesday: 2.00pm - 7.00pm
closed on Monday and 15th August
Workshops for adults
The workshops are aimed at all those who want to relax in direct contact with nature, rediscovering their naturalistic and artistic vein.

Friday, June 28, 3.30pm
Together we prepare the ancient remedies of Alpine women.
What to bring: apron, small glass jars with lid.
Edited by Linda Martinello

Tuesday 9 July, 3.30 pm

Looking at leaves and flowers in the park, we design sketches of abstract plant shapes to create botanical matrices to be printed on fabric and customize a fabric bag.
By Gabriella Gretter

Tuesday, July 16th, 3.30pm

Let's give new life to tetrapack packaging to turn them into everyday objects and create an alternative to kitchen film together.
What to bring: some tetrapack containers (like milk, fruit juices) washed and rinsed, a cotton cloth cutout (30X30), white or printed with a fantasy of your choice.
Edited by Linda Martinello

Tuesday, July 23rd
10.00 am - 12.00 am and 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm

The floral designer Oscar Aciar proposes a laboratory of floral compositions. Lives and works in Rome, he calls himself a ''flower craftsman'', designs gardens and is present in television broadcasts on the Real Time and Sky networks. He creatively designs and creates compositions, decorations and floral decorations with art, harmony and balance.
What to bring: gardening shears, paper shears and nr. 4 glasses in glass or cup.
By Oscar Aciar

Tuesday, July 30th, 3.30pm

Preparation of simple recipes for a face care made with easily available ingredients.
What to bring: Apron, small glass jars with lid.
Edited by Linda Martinello

Tuesday 6 August, 3.30pm

Creation and decoration of an artistic reliquary, with the technique of engraving and printing botanical shapes inspired by liberty floral art.
By Gabriella Gretter

Tuesday, August 20, 3.30pm

Let's give new life to tetrapack packaging to turn them into everyday objects and create an alternative to kitchen film together.
What to bring: some tetrapack containers (like milk, fruit juices) washed and rinsed, a cotton cloth cutout (30X30), white or printed with a fantasy of your choice.
Edited by Linda Martinello

Friday 6th September 3.30pm
Taking advantage of the enormous plasticity of this extraordinary material, we learn some techniques to make candles, even starting from recycled material, an art that requires patience and creativity.
What to bring: old candles, even broken or partially consumed, a couple of tetrapack containers (like milk, fruit juices), some finished rolls of toilet paper, silicone molds of various shapes (if available).
Edited by Linda Martinello

Free participation and free attendance. Maximum 15 participants.
Registration by the day before the course starts at the APT offices Valsugana tel. 0461 727700 - tel. 0461 706824 e-mail:

Meeting at the park's greenhouse
Duration about 2.5 hours
Kids Lab
In the summer program of Living the Park 2019 certainly could not miss educational workshops for children and teenagers from 6 to 12 years. The workshops, held by expert educators, will be held 18 July to 22 August and include moments of creation and exploration in order to stimulate the sensitivity of children in respect of the environment and their imagination in the use of the simplest things that the nature gives us every day.

Thursday 18 July, 4.00 pm

A fun treasure hunt to learn about the different leaves and different botanical species that populate the park.
By Ambios

Thursday 25 July, 10.30 am

Vegetable pigments: we will use very colorful vegetables and spices to paint on small sheets to compose small booklets, postcards or color samples.
(Max 15 participants)
Edited by Gabriella Gretter

Thursday, August 1, 10.30am
Carpentry workshop: the small wild animals of the park

A little bit of plywood, a bit of color, and lots of imagination. Here are the ingredients to build the cute animals in the park and learn to recognize them. Like little carpenters, you can get to work by stimulating manual skills with the pleasure of playing.
(Max 22 participants)
By Ambios

Thursday 8 August, 10.30 am

We use used sheets, we crumble them and we spread the dough on screens to create small sheets that we decorate with flowers and colored threads.
(Max 15 participants)
By Gabriella Gretter

Thursday, August 22, 4.00 pm

During a short walk inside the park you can pick flowers and leaves that will be used to build a small flowered picture to keep and take home as a souvenir of the day.
(Max 22 participants)
Organized by AmBios

Thursday, August 22, 6.00 pm

Entertainment for children and families
Taken from the Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Useful information
Free participation and free attendance
Meeting point is at the park's greenhouse
Registration by the day before the course starts at APT Valsugana tel. 0461 727700 - 0461 706824.
Meeting at the park's greenhouse
Duration about 1.5 hours
"Parco di Note" Concerts
A musical itinerary between different genres and styles. Concerts designed to bring sounds to the trees and flowers of the park, where music is offered in full harmony with the surrounding natural environment.
The concerts are held at the ''sequoia'' installation, at the main entrance to the park, or at the natural amphitheater. In case of bad weather in the park shed.

Wednesday June 19th at 9.00 pm, ENRICO PIERANUNZI - MAX DE ALOE DUO
c / o natural amphitheater
Enrico Pieranunzi is universally recognized as one of the greatest contemporary jazz pianists. His lyricism and his profound knowledge of jazz subjects brought him to the most important stages in the world.
It will be the poetry set to music, the harmonious search, the profound melodicity that acts as a trait d'union with the warm and velvety harmonica of Max De Aloe, recognized for years as one of the most intense and active chromatic harmonists in Europe.
A repertoire that includes the wonderful compositions of Enrico Pieranunzi, embellished by some musical tributes dedicated to Bill Evans and Chet Baker, with whom Pieranunzi has long collaborated.
Enrico Pieranunzi, piano
Max De Aloe, chromatic harmonic

Friday 5 July at 9.00 pm, ROBERTO TAUFIC ONLY
c / o sequoia installation
With rhythmic and playful style but at the same time lyrical and full of ''saudade'' the Brazilian guitarist and composer Roberto Taufic proposes songs taken from his album ''Eles & Eu'' (Loro and Io) which contains interpretations of pieces by Brazilian authors such as Guinga, Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo and Tom Jobim up to Metheny's jazz, Chopin's notes and his original compositions.
The delicate and warm tone of the guitar points without frills at the heart of the emotion, without ever losing sight of the centrality of communicating and the desire to put the colors of sound at the service of the dialogue between the artist and the public, in the relationship between instrument and music.
Roberto Taufic, guitar

Friday, July 12th, 9.00 pm, TRIO AZUL
c / o natural amphitheater
A new trio made up of three famous and virtuous specialists in their respective instruments.
Various musical genres are proposed in an interesting and particular fusion. Echoes of jazz, Cuban, Argentine and Brazilian music reworked in a personal and original style. Music from various cultures in particular from the Latin world including ''Historia de un Amor'' by Carlos Almoran, ''Rosa'' and ''Carinhoso'' by Pixinguinha, ''Um Anjo'' by Egberto Gismonti.
Attilio Zanchi, double bass
Fausto Beccalossi, accordion
Oscar Del Barba, piano

Thursday 25th July 6.00pm, FRENCH FLUTE FAVORITES
c / o sequoia installation
Project dedicated to French music between '800 and' 900. The elegance of the melodic invention, the harmonic refinement and the timbric refinement of the instrumental mixtures characterize this production. Works by less-performed composers are preferred, ranging from the late-romantic style of Charles-Marie Widor to the more modern and extrovert writing of Pièrre Sancan, from the impressionistic reminiscences of Philippe Gaubert to the lyric sensitivity of Eugène Bozza, including a tribute to a great female figure , Cécile Chaminade.
Marco Rainelli, flute
Ester Snider, plan

Thursday, August 1 at 9.00pm, OPEN FRONTIERS PROJECT
c / o natural amphitheater
The group consists of John Helliwell, former saxophonist of the English group Supertramp, Max De Aloe in the chromatic harmonica, Raimondo Meli Lupi and Gianmarco Scaglia, respectively guitar and double bass of the Open Frontiers Trio, and Paul Wertico, former member of the Pat Metheny Group and winner of seven Grammy Awards.
The Open Frontiers will propose a repertoire of jazz standards and original songs of the various members with the aim of producing an elegant performance rich in magical and energetic atmospheres, aimed at emphasizing the empathy of the musicians in sharing their respective musical worlds.
John Helliwell, [the] saxophones
Raimondo Meli Lupi, guitar
Max De Aloe, chromatic harmonic
Gianmarco Scaglia, double bass
Paul Wertico, battery

Sunday, August 11, 9:00 pm, DIVINA EUTERPE - Composers at the court
c / o natural amphitheater
In the eighteenth century music played an important role in the education of noble women who learned to sing or play an instrument. However, they could not pursue the profession of musician, because a woman exhibiting virtuosity and creativity in public was considered an equivocal attitude.
Few works composed of women of this period have come down to us and the surviving ones show that their music was of high quality. This program is a tribute to these women and their music: Anna Amalia by Hohenzollern and Wilhelmina von Bayreuth, sisters of Frederick II of Prussia. Anna Bon, worked at the court of Frederick II and in the court of Esterhazy. Elisabetta de Gambarini, singer and organist, her reputation allowed her to organize her own concerts and publish her music.
Michele Favaro, transverse flute
Marlise Goidanich, baroque cello
Emma Bolamperti, harpsichord

Saturday, August 17th, at sunset 6.15, VOCAL GROUP LAURENCE K. J. FEININGER
c / o sequoia installation
At the threshold of light, the vocal group proposes a concert from the vast repertoire of sacred music. The rhythmic, melodic and interpretative novelties of the liturgical chant proposed by the group, after careful study of the manuscript and printed liturgical books, are absolutely unpublished in the panorama of engravings and concerts dedicated to Gregorian chant and reveal a hidden face of the musical treasure of the Catholic tradition.
Voices: Roberto Gianotti, Marco Gozzi, Salvatore De Salvo Fattore

Thursday, August 22, 6.00 pm, THE MAGIC FLUTE
Show for children and families - Taken from the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
c / o or the greenhouse
The famous Mozart melodies will accompany us in knowing the fascinating characters and the wonderful places of a compelling story: the Magic Flute.
The Magic Flute is a timeless musical work: a fascinating folk tale in its poetry that includes different levels of reading: adventure, symbiosis with nature, brotherhood and love among men.
Arrangements for three bass horns from the Tribsterill Trio.
Text freely taken from the libretto of Emanuel Schikaneder
Beatrix Graf - Pamina, the three ladies, the queen of the night, Papagena
Roberto Alotti - Tamino, Monostat.
Marco Milelli - Papageno, Narrator

Saturday August 31st at 6:00 pm, BAROQUE MUSIC CONCERT - TIED & NYCKLED PROJECT
c / o natural amphitheater
The trio features lesser-known pieces by French baroque composers such as Robert de Visée, Marain Marais, François Couperin and plays these melodies transforming them with personal arrangements and interpretations.
Among the proposals there are typical dances such as the Passacaglia, the Ciaccona or the Rondò, passages and structures that allow the improvisation of single musicians. In the Baroque period these dances were used exclusively in the field of classical music and were proposed in the most diverse contexts. The tools of this training are truly unique, instruments that have survived for the love of individual musicians and we find them in this project with a unique and eternal sound.
Levico meets the authors
Literary appointments in the park as part of the summer mountain show, life and poetry Levico meets the authors. Book novelties of different topics will be presented: narrative, garden, landscape.
The meetings will be held at the sequoia installation, in case of bad weather at Villa Paradiso in the Levico Park.

Sunday, June 23, 11.00, CENERE, O TERRA by Fabio Pusterla, (Marcos y Marcos)
Poet born in Mendrisio (Switzerland), Fabio Pusterla lives and works between Lombardy and Switzerland, where he teaches Italian language and literature.
Winner of numerous international awards, he collaborates with newspapers and magazines in Switzerland and Italy. The author, one of the most important voices of contemporary poetry, presents the collection.
Introduced by Julian Zhara, poet

Sunday 30 June, 11.00 am, BEYOND THE GARDEN by Massimo Venturi Ferriolo (Einaudi, 2019)
Transform the world into a garden and the garden into a world. The garden is an image and a metaphor for living in harmony to prepare oneself for a relationship, which must be rethought, between men, animals and nature.
Massimo Venturi Ferriolo philosopher, he teaches and works at numerous universities and institutions internationally;
His scientific and didactic interests turn to the landscape between ethics and aesthetics, between theory and design and look at the relationship between man and his architectural, artistic and geographical environment.
Introduced by Fabrizio Fronza, curator of the Park of Levico

Thursday, July 11th, 5.30pm, THE GARDENS OF THE TEADS in Dazhangshan
International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens (XXX edition, 2019)
At the foot of the mountain of Dazhangshan, in China, a vast system of hilly reliefs, more or less steep, welcomes in this region the cultivation of tea: undulating fields, unmistakable for the orderly design of the plantations that run in the form of parallel hedges, and stretches interrupt the covering of the wooded mantle or the expanse of the rice fields in the valley bottoms.
The tea plant (Camellia sinensis) - which in this area of ​​China has had much of its historical origins - gives shape and substance to a contemporary landscape that has been able to gather the sense of history and to project into the future the value of a rural environment in which man establishes a relationship of harmony with nature ''. Taken from the presentation by Fond.Benetton Studi Richerche.
Patrizia Boschiero, curator of the work, talks with Luigi Latini, president of the award jury
Following is the screening of the documentary film ''Dazhangshan Tea Gardens'', at the park's greenhouse. Directed by Davide Gambino, in collaboration with Gabriele Gismondi

Sunday 4 August, 11.00 am, dialogue between Enrico Camanni and Christian Arnoldi
Enrico Camanni, mountaineer writer in dialogue with Christian Arnoldi, anthropologist and professor at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento.
Camanni is a writer, journalist and mountaineer. He calls the mountain and literature ''demanding passions'', to which he has dedicated himself since he was very young with brilliant results. Alongside writing, the problems of contemporary Alpine museography.
Parco delle Terme di Levico
Viale Rovigo - 38056 Levico Terme (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 706824

Living the Park 2019, from 19 June to 10 September 2019
Botanical visit to the Park, every Tuesday, from June 25th to September 10th
Workshops for adults, from June 28th to September 6th
Workshops for children, from 18 July to 22 August
Parco di Note, from June 19th to August 31st

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