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Marvellous plants the easy way

The COMPO trade mark, responsible for more than 1000 employees in over 20 branches all over the world, has always been synonymous with gardening.
COMPO supplies all the specific products needed for cultivating plants in the house and garden to plant lovers, with proposals in constant evolution.

Anyone whose hobby is plants can find everything required for growing healthy, flourishing specimens with COMPO: soils, fertilisers, seeds for the lawn, products to safeguard plants and protect the environment, with particular attention to those permitted in sustainable agriculture or of natural origins.

COMPO's history dates back to 1956 when the first topsoil was marketed in a handy, portable package ready to use.
Since then, every day, COMPO continues to improve the quality of its products, distinguishing itself through constant research and evolution of products which are always more innovative, safe, respectful of the environment and user needs.

COMPO is easy to find due to its widespread availability in thousands of specialised shops and stores where staff are always ready to advise and follow up plant lovers in the most suitable choices for individual needs.

COMPO is undoubtedly amongst the world leaders in the sector and its constant research for new products has led it to launch a new product line in recent months, completely dedicated to cultivation in the home for those who don't have a garden.

UNDERGREEN is the most recent, developed to satisfy a growing need for a range of products dedicated to the care and cultivation of small ornamental plants, including fruit and herbs to grow indoors, on the balcony or even on a windowsill.
UNDERGREEN proposes many organic products created for discerning, well-informed people who want to cultivate fruit, seasonal vegetables and herbs such as basil, sage or rosemary, even in small spaces, to use in the kitchen, as well as all the ornamental plants frequently used to decorate the home, which require particular care.

With this innovative product line COMPO has given a decisive marketing message to show that consumer needs are always in the frontline in company decisions.
Whether it is an English lawn, a vegetable garden, an ornamental plant or just a specific type of soil, COMPO knows how to satisfy every need and wish, even for the expert customer.
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