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Giardino Storico Garzoni
Pistoia (Toscana)

Next opening of the Butterfly House

ENDS2 November 2017
The Garzoni villa and garden are extraordinary examples of 18th century Tuscan taste and culture. The Garzonis were a powerful family originally from Pescia who sided with the Ghibellines and promptly had their property confiscated.

The garden, laid out like an amazing theatre, with triumphal fountain displays and great star-shaped basins, was the envy of kings and princes.
It may be compared not just with great Italian gardens such as Villa d'Este, Boboli and Reggia di Caserta Park, but also with other E.pean marvels like Versailles, Fontainebleau, Saint-Claud, Potsdam, Wichelmhohe and even the grandiose Schonbrunn of Vienna.

In common with these it expresses the great post-Renaissance ideals, with rigorously geometrical buildings softened by greenery, with the damp gracefulness of flowers, and with statues, architectural masks and fountains displaying comic, epic and fantastic features. Known as the villa of a hundred windows, the building has a fabulous, reflective beauty, especially in its noble living quarters, in the bedroom where Napoleon is said to have slept, and in the imposing kitchen, where Collodi, grandson of the bailiff of the Garzoni household, spent part of his childhood.

Exciting the Butterfly House, strongly supported by the president of the park Pierfrancesco Bernacchi, a fabulous crystal home that houses a tropical garden, animated by the circling of thousands of colorful butterflies and birds chirping.

The Butterfly House is visitable only in high season
Giardino Storico Garzoni
Piazza della Vittoria, 3
51012 Collodi (PT)

Tel. e fax +39 0572 429590

High Season
From 1 March to 2 November: open every day from 9:00am to sunset
Low Season
3 November - 28 February: saturday, holidays and during Christmas holiday from 10:00am to sunset

Giardino Storico Garzoni & Butterfly House*
Adults: € 13,00 (low season €10,00)
Concessions and groups: € 10,00 (low season €8,00)
Schools: € 8,00 (low season €7,00)

Giardino Storico Garzoni + Parco di Pinocchio
Adults € 22,00 (low season €18,00)
Concessions and groups: € 18,00 (low season €15,00)
Schools: € 13,00 (low season €10,00)

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